It’s not surprising that Rovinj is the most visited attraction on the whole of the Croatian coastline, or that it is a preferred destination of cruise ships and popular with the rich and famous who often visit in their luxurious yachts. Since the 1960’s it has become an inspirational destination for famous craftsmen, photographers, film makers and tourists; all are just enthralled by the town’s amazing beauty.

The appeal of Rovinj has clearly been shaped by its history, spanning back over five centuries, during which it has been a safe haven for mariners escaping pirates and for people evading the plague. Strolling through the charming cobbled streets, it’s not hard to imagine times gone by and see the influences of the Venetian, Austrian and Italian ‘stewardships’ over this area. The town is dominated by the cathedral’s tower, a replica of the St. Marco Basilica tower in Venice and boasts a gorgeous 18th century copper statue of Saint Euphemia, the patron Saint of Rovinj. Her daily rotations forecast the weather and often suggest to the villagers the course of their daily activities.

For sun seekers, Rovinj offers both pristine bathing areas and beaches. The many rocks are also very popular for sun bathers and the natural landscaping of pine trees meeting the shoreline provides natural shade for those wishing to avoid the direct sunlight. The warm crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea is a welcoming break from the hot sun, and for the many who like to snorkel around the rocks and coves.

There is no shortage of restaurants to choose from and, because Rovinj is still a very active fishing port, you can guarantee that seafood is on most menus, and most likely caught that very day! The romantic setting of many restaurants, often overlooking the sea, is bound to make your evenings very special and memorable. After your meal, you will often find music being played in the town, sometimes commemorating a special day, and sometimes…just because.

Put quite simply, Rovinj has it all, and for every age group.

 A hand picked selection of Rovinj accommodation…

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from €xx per week

from €xx per week

Bila Villa

A perfect and luxurious accommodation for large families and groups. This duplex comprises of 2 fully independent and connected villas for letting as one unit. A large garden with 2 swimming pools is a key feature!

Highly recommended for closer inspection.

Elida Apartments

Situated in a quiet suburb close to Rovinj town, these 4 very smart apartments offer a high level of facilities and comfort.

3 apartments accommodate a maximum of 4 guests with a Studio apartment for 2 guests.

House Rojnic

Situated in a quiet suburb close to Rovinj town, House Rojnic has a double, triple and twin room available for rent. Whilst these are not self catering, they are ideal for guests who prefer eating out.