Driving to Istria

Here is some general road travel information when driving to Istria from the north.

Driving to Istria is pretty straightforward but please be aware that this route includes toll roads and you will need to purchase a Vignette if you do intend to use the motorway in Slovenia. These can be purchased at services approaching the border. It is also very important that you switch on your headlights through Slovenia and Croatia as this is now mandatory. You will see that not everyone observes this law but you could be fined 50 euro if stopped by police!

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Ul. Via Nello Quarantotto 10
Istria, Croatia

Here are a few useful distances that may help you when planning your route.

We have taken the shortest distance given by Google and calculated them to Rovinj as an approximate example:

Amsterdam 1414km
Berlin 1174km
Bratislava 636km
Brussels 1371km
Budapest 591km
Bucharest 1230km
Calais 1562km
Frankfurt 982km
Ljubljana 186km
Koper 84km
London 1074km
Madrid 2082km
Milano 531km
Munich 587km
Paris 1364km
Prague 890km
Sofia 1029km
Stockholm 2220km
Trieste 102km
Vienna 569km
Warsaw 1241km
Zagreb 250km
Zürich 793km

Other useful information:

Useful journey planner from Michelin

Google Maps journey planner

Here is a map to avoid the main highway from Treste and also avoid paying for the Slovenian Vignette!

Road assistance

The phone number for Road Assistance is 1987.

For more detailed information, foreign tourists can contact the Information Center of the Croatian Automobile Club at ++385/1/464-0800, available 24 hours a day.