Motovun guide

If beautiful views, history and culture are your thing, then drag yourself from the beach and visit this amazing and relatively hidden gem of Istria.

Dating back to the original settlement in medieval times, ownership has since then passed through different ruling families, a bishop, the Venetian Empire, Italy, Yugoslavia and now Croatia.

Thanks to the Venetians building the fortifications, it’s almost like Motuvun was designed for visitors, with its gallery like rampart walk around the town. A walk that will delight you with every step as you see this wonderful green landscape from above.

Within these walls is a town with lovely narrow streets, interesting buildings and a wide choice of eating establishments.

The 17th century Venetian designed church of St Stephen is centrally located in the town where you can sit in the square next to the church or see some of the works of art within the church such as a highly regarded painting of The Last Supper by an unknown Venetian artist.

Finally, you can wander back through a delightful street leading to the car park at the bottom. Oh, and if you are an F1 enthusiast, you can see the house where 1978 world champion Mario Andretti was born and raised. The very streets you will be walking down were where he raced is toy wooden car with his brother!

Ul. Via Nello Quarantotto 10
Istria, Croatia

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